Sunday, April 24, 2016

Expand marine protected area

Expanding the Papahanaumokuakea Monument is a smart, scientifically supported idea.

the ideal marine protected area contains a high diversity of organisms and habitats, is large, remote, and has currents that bring creatures in and carry some of their offspring outward -- Papahanaumokuakea has all these characteristics.

A larger size unquestionably matters, encompassing a great diversity of both life and and habitats and capturing increased numbers of drifting larvae, migratory fish and more.

This safe haven allows fish to get bigger and older.  When a female fish doubles in size, her egg prodcution can increase a thousandfold or more.

About 2 percent of the ocean has been set aside as fully protected marine reserves, far below the 30 percent believed necessary to ensure fish for future generations.

A larger monument means more resource capital in our children's bank accounts from which they can draw the interest sustainably.

Robert H. Richmond, Research professor and director, Kewalo Marine Laboratory

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